Cavilon Cream for use as aftercare with the Botched Ink saline tattoo removal

Cavilon Aftercare

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Cavilon Barrier Film

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  • Box of 30 single use wipes in individual sachets
  • A pack of 10 sachets
  • Emergency pack of 2 - Ship directly to client *

* Add clients address as the shipping address. No invoice included, we also include an aftercare sheet

Recommended for aftercare with tattoo removal treatments using the Botched Ink® removal solution

Do not use this product with any other type of saline tattoo removal solution as they work differently and our aftercare is not appropriate

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Benefits of using Botched Ink solution: 2ml single use sachets for ultimate hygiene and freshness - Skin bleeds easily with little work, pushing up deeply imbedded pigment - Easily absorbed into the skin - Only needs one single pass. Skin friendly pH 5.5-6 -No lingering burn or sting. Dries out skin super quickly - Minimal inflammation or irritation. Thin dried out skin scab - Can begin aftercare directly on scab

Made in the UK to meet and exceed strict EU regulations.  Each batch of Botched Ink® is made in the UK, tested to ensure a 2 year expiry date, it's then filled and packed in the UK

Results vary depending on the tattoo presented, the technicians knowledge and understanding of tattoo removal, and equipment, needles and techniques used

New to Tattoo Removal ?

Botched Ink® training is for Certified Microblading, Permanent Makeup and Scalp Micropigmentation Technicians

Tattoo removal is such an amazing, yet potentially complicated subject.  At Botched Ink® we want you to feel fully confident, knowing that you're not only carrying out a treatment properly, but you're also getting the best results for your clients

We'll teach you how to answer the eternal 'How many sessions?' question, and help you grow your own Botched Ink® business, with access to all our adverts, Before & After photos, and a listing on the Find a Local Technician map on this website.  It's getting lots of attention from clients looking for removal

Worldwide Training - Botched Ink Online Training

Online Conversion Course

For Technicians with an Existing Non-Laser Removal Training:  We'd love you to officially join us, and with your experience you'll see straight away just how different Botched Ink® is to use, and during our online training, we're confident all levels of technicians will enjoy it ! 

Only Botched Ink® trained technicians can advertise they offer Botched Ink® treatments, use our Before & After photos, adverts and logo, and be promoted on the social media and the Find a Local Tattoo Removal Specialist, Technician Map

Orders are shipped from our UK head office each working day. At checkout you can select standard or next day delivery

Botched Ink® has very quickly become the saline tattoo removal brand existing removal techs are wanting to use. The number of trainers offering generic Saline Tattoo Removal training has grown immensely, leaving their students looking for products to use. Considering established brands have their own training, generic removal techs are left to purchase whatever products they can

Unfortunately it can't be the responsibility of distributors to vet who's an official Botched Ink® technician or not, it has to be ours.  We need to protect the investment of our students, their clients and the reputation of our brand

Botched Ink® is a Registered Trademark

Trainers.  There is no permission given to promote or recommend Botched Ink® on your own saline tattoo removal training course.  This would be trademark infringement.  If we believe that you are using Botched Ink on your own training, we reserve the right to refuse further orders from you

What is a registered trademark ?  A registered trademark gives its owner the sole right of use, with protection against infringements or use by others.  Botched Ink® is a registered trademark for the product and any kind of training

How can I use a registered trademark ?  With permission or by a written licensing agreement.  Only official Botched Ink® technicians and trainers have permission to promote or associate themselves in any way with Botched Ink®

Trademark Infringements.  We regularly check for trademark infringements, and deal swiftly with anyone using our Botched Ink® trademark without permission.  An invoice will be issued for unapproved licensing with a maximum fee of £1,000,000.  Non-payment of the invoice will be dealt with through the courts and a judgement sought

Result photos
Before & After

Any kind of tattoo removal treatment is a process, with results depending on the age of the pigment, how much pigment there is, how deep it's been implanted and how many treatments the client returns for

We always suggest with Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal that the client mentally and financially commits to a course of 3 treatments.  That's not promising the pigment will be gone in 3 treatments, but we will know how easily the pigment is removing to discuss how to proceed, with further sessions or maybe the area is lightened enough for new pigment to be added 

fast tattoo removal
microblading disaster

Emergency pigment removal can be carried out as soon as possible, from 0 to around 48 hours, while the scab is still soft

If there's a delay to treating, we can still work on the area once the scab has naturally healed off. Botched Ink is unique in being able to offer this extended quick removal time, it's due to the ingredients, method and healing with a Botched Ink treatment

Whilst one treatment will get out a lot of the pigment, you’ll find further sessions are usually needed if full removal is required

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