The Best Specially Formulated Saline Tattoo Removal Solution

specially formulated solutions for saline tattoo removal

If you're a potential client, we have a page with more info especially for you - What is Saline Tattoo Removal - For Clients

Botched Ink is:

  • The fastest growing, independently owned, tattoo removal product on the market.  Made and developed in the UK by Lisa Henning of Beautiful Ink, a treatment and training venue in Stockport, Greater Manchester
  • Exclusively available to our trained technicians, not available via distributors and sold to unknown buyers
  • An award-winning solution for saline tattoo removal work
  • Highly recommended by our students and their many clients
  • A team of highly trained tattoo removal technicians, supported daily via our exclusive Facebook tech support group

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Not all tattoo removal solutions work the same

We believe Botched Ink is the best of the specially formulated solutions for the saline removal technique

Botched Ink is a gentle yet concentrated saline tattoo removal solution, used to lift, improve and remove bad or unwanted pigment from microblading, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation.  Developed for today's demands, single use sachets with a 2 year expiry from manufacture. Treatments are gentle, barely uncomfortable, with easy healing and consistently good results

How many sessions are needed to achieve desired results varies, with treatments repeated multiple times. Most clients find Botched Ink saline solution has 2-3 sessions needed removing tattoo ink from all skin types, with techs reporting this is quicker than with other saline solutions.

Ingredients vary between brands so always check!

saline tattoo removal solution

The following are specific to Botched Ink saline tattoo removal solution:

Gentle during removal treatments

  • Even though this is a salt and saline removal procedure, it is not the literal effect of “rubbing salt in the wound”. Our saline tattoo removal solution has been designed for have a gentle implant method, with no risk of permanent scarring
  • Numbing cream is used, and aftercare instructions are provided for our saline solution
  • The ingredients in Botched Ink saline tattoo removal have be formulated to result in a product that only gives a mild sting which disappears very quickly, there is no lingering burn or sting

Saline solution penetrates deeper than your needle

  • The ingredients in Botched Ink result in the saline solution being drawn into the skin and this happens more easily than you would think
  • Thanks to our specially formulated solutions, technicians don’t have to work the skin hard – there is no need to over work the skin to achieve the desired result of lightening or removal

Very high concentration of Aloe Vera

  • The high concentration of aloe vera is used for its healing properties, aiding the osmosis process of saline removal and the healing process
  • This aids in the quick healing of the area treated using Botched Ink saline tattoo removal and can sometimes help the tattoo look better during healing!

Makes the treated skin bleed

  • This one sounds a little scary but it’s true the ingredients in Botched Ink saline removal make the skin bleed
  • This allows us to let the blood do the work, adding to the osmotic process and flushing up tattoo pigment from the deeper layers of skin
  • The bleeding helps to lift the pigment to the surface of the skin which will then form a scab and fall off meaning that pigment has been removed

Acts as a vascular constrictor to stop bleeding

  • The ingredients in Botched Ink® have been chosen as they help to stem the flow of blood from us making the skin bleed
  • This quick stemming of the blood helps to stop the treated area from getting too messy and causing contamination
  • It also means that the area dries quickly to assist in the healing process

Dries the treated skin within an hour

  • Due to Botched Ink being a vascular constrictor and drying out the skin quickly it means the bodies natural healing response doesn’t have chance to kick in
  • This means we prevent scarring as there's a thin scab, minimal inflammation, minimal irritation and minimal risk of infection,
  • Treated skin heals easily, and within a few days the scab falls off. Even the most sensitive skin can be treated with the Botched Ink removal technique

Has a skin friendly pH of around 5.5

  • We’ve told you Botched Ink is gentle during treatment and this is because the pH of Botched Ink closely resembles the pH of healthy skin (between 4.5 and 5.75) which is slightly acidic and this results in only a mild sting during the treatment

Packaged in single use sachets

  • Botched Ink is the only saline tattoo removal product on the market that comes in single use sachets.
  • We use single use sachets for ultimate hygiene – no contamination between clients and no drying out of the saline solution
  • We use single use sachets because it is cost effect. One sachet completes a set of brows, we couldn’t make the price any better!
  • We use single use sachets because it limits the size of the area you can effectively treat per session – 1 sachet = 1 pair of brows.

Saline tattoo removal vs laser tattoo removal

  • Depending on the quality of the ink that was used, it might be a lot safer to use the saline removal technique. The reason? With the saline removal procedure, the ink is pulled out of the skin into a scab that falls off vs with laser where the ink is absorbed into the body
  • Like saline removal, laser removal requires multiple sessions
  • The healing and results process are different as laser removal works differently
  • The ideal candidate for laser removal is one with small tattoos on the body
  • Those with cosmetic tattoos, microblading and permanent makeup, tend not to be a good candidate as the pigment and placement are not ideal for laser sessions
  • A saline tattoo removal session tends to be longer than a laser session, as numbing cream is used for saline removal

saline tattoo removal solution

When or why might a client need saline tattoo removal ?

There's the unfortunate situation when a client is in obvious need of tattoo removal, with bad or unwanted microblading or permanent makeup tattoo pigment; perhaps it's fresh work in need of emergency removal, a shape or color that wasn't planned or asked for. These clients will be actively looking for removal technicians

Then there's the client who's not really aware they need removal, having had years upon years of top ups and now the colour really isn't staying well. Perhaps they've faded a funky color or in a shape or style they no longer want or suit

They might hope that a top-up will fix this, or a bigger bolder brow would cover it, but the skin is so full of pigment, or the shape's out of any nice shape you'd like to give. Chatting with these clients about a few sessions of color lifting, or color wash, terms a hairdresser might use to someone with a build up of hair dye. These clients you will be converting to removal, but without calling it removal, as who wants their brows removed!

I'm certified in another tattoo removal product, do I need Botched Ink saline tattoo removal training ?

Yes. Botched Ink saline tattoo removal solution is exclusively available to our trained removal specialists. Botched Ink is a different kind of saline removal solution, with different ingredients, method, healing and aftercare. Without brand specific training you cannot realistically obtain an informed consent from a client

Can I use Hand tool method ?

Yes, Botched Ink is suitable for hand tool and tattoo machine methods. We focus on skin needling open the skin, hand tool technicians can use pointillism, and the product very quickly absorbs into the skin, penetrating deeper than the needle. The results achieved are no different from machine method

saline tattoo removal ideal candidate