Saline Tattoo Removal
We can fix Botched Microblading & Eyebrows

Are you disappointed about the colour, shape or style of your microblading, do you have botched eyebrows? Was your lip tattoo much bigger than you wanted?

Botched Ink® was developed just for situations like this and helps by gently floating out unwanted pigment from your botched brows. The color is removed as the skin dries out and flakes away. Probably a nicer treatment than you initially had!

Our single use sachets ensure Botched Ink is always potent, fresh and hygienic, giving the best results to our clients

We've trained 100s of technicians around the World, in US, CA, UK and AU you're sure to find someone nearby who can help or advise. Visit our client pages for more information...

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Correction and removal is an essential skill for any cosmetic tattooist, allowing you to offer your clients more options with their existing microblading or permanent makeup. We've been in the cosmetic tattooing world since 2012, with our treatment and training venue called Beautiful Ink. Let's introduce you to the botched side!
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Botched Ink, always improving, always evolving, in an industry where removal is the fastest growing sector.
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Available Worldwide
We personally hold stock of Botched Ink in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Exclusively supplying our trained techs. We do not supply via distributors to unknown buyers. This means our students investment is protected, and so are their clients!
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