Dry Tattooing Stretch Mark Camouflage & Treatment

Dry Tattooing Stretch Mark Camouflage & Treatment

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This course is having a major revamp and will be re-launched late Summer 2023, initially as a Masterclass for techs already trained in MCA Microneedling, or similar treatments using a digital tattoo machine. Sign up for our newsletter (in footer) or message @botchedink on Instagram to be notified when we have more info to share

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Advanced Microneedling, Results you can Achieve

Many skin needling courses teach you how to put a needle in the skin, we teach you how to make this treatment work!

Sunken stretch marks begin to fill - Stretch marks with a blurred edge begin to blur into the surrounding skin - Stretch marks with a sharp edge are unlikely to blur - Loose wide stretch marks will fill and firm, in effect firming the area - White shiny stretch marks revert to a normal colour - For those who tan easily, the stretch marks can also tan - Pink and red stretch marks fill and the skin looks and feels more normal

Digital Tattoo Machine, a Multi-Purpose Device

Dry Tattooing is the most precise and intense form of skin needling, using a digital tattoo machine and needles. Naturally promoting new skin growth to fill and smooth stretch marks, improving the colour of white, light and shiny stretch marks, as well as those that are shades of pink and red

Naturally camouflage stretch marks, without resorting to using skin coloured camouflage pigments. We'll teach you how to convert clients looking for stretch mark camouflage!

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