Dry Tattooing - Improving Scars & Stretch Marks

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1-2-1 training with Lisa. During our Dry Tattooing training course, we don't just teach you how to put a needle in the skin, we teach you what works best, what not so well, and how to have happy satisfied clients from day one

“I understand the results process, what can be achieved, what doesn’t work so well, and most importantly, how to get the client on side with the results they’re hoping for.” – Lisa Henning


Dry Tattooing Training

Training requirements: Experienced permanent makeup techs, clinicians, nurse practitioners and advanced beauticians

Training dates by agreement - Get in touch !

Successfully training UK and many International students from countries such as Brazil, America, Canada, Thailand and Greece

  • The most precise and intense skin needling treatment
  • Smooths and improves scars and stretch marks
  • Earn on average of £400 per treatment - Dry Tattooing Client Website
  • Learn how to get the best results for your clients
  • Uses digital tattoo machine and PMU needles
  • Your existing PMU machine may be powerful enough
  • See below for pre-training requirements

Location - Beautiful Ink training rooms in Stockport, Greater Manchester

MCA Micro Needling, Collagen Induction Therapy are other names for this treatment

  • I have been offering Dry Tattooing to clients since 2013
  • I developed my knowledge from basic skin needling training
  • I regularly earn £900 for four hours work (8 hands stretch marks)
  • I regularly have clients paying upfront for a course of 3 treatments
  • I have successfully treated 100s of clients
  • I know the results a client is likely to achieve
  • I know when to say no to treating a client

Let me share my knowledge and experience with you !


Approved by Holistic Insurance Services and Insync

Insync Insurance    Holistic Insurance Services

Not all skin needling or micro needling courses are the same. Needling damaged skin is very different to facial needling for beauty or anti-ageing

To carry out dry tattooing treatments you:

  • Use a high speed digital tattoo machine
  • Permanent makeup needles
  • Not derma pen type needles
  • Use a needle depth up to 1.5mm

Dry Tattooing:

  • Is not scar camouflage using pigment
  • Is a natural method of smoothing an relaxing scars
  • Is a natural method of improving the colour of scar tissue
  • Is a natural method of filling, smoothing and tightening stretch marks

Dry Tattooing is the most precise and intense form of skin needling, which uses the same digital tattoo machine that might be used for permanent makeup

More Info

Course Dates

Advertised dates, with other dates available by agreement, during the week and at weekends

International Students:

Find out if your countries local rules allow you to offer Dry Tattooing in the way you want to work. Some countries require you to work with medical supervision, others don’t.  The training level and number of days training required is by agreement.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion, my course manual and the Course Syllabus is available online for your insurance company to approve 


  • 2 day course – £2,000

    Additional students

    Additional students £750 per person per day.  If you want to arrange a group training of 4 students please call for rates

    Dry Tattooing

    My training concentrates on improving scars and stretch marks, with some focus on facial rejuvenation

    “The only person offering a comparable dry tattooing treatment with comparable results, will be someone trained by me” – Lisa Henning

    This course is designed to attract a brand new client base into your salon or clinic. It’s such a niche treatment; you’ll find it easy to attract new business once you’ve added it to your treatment menu

    I know from personal experience that since I’ve been able to show the fantastic results dry tattooing can achieve with scars and stretch marks I’ve attracted a whole new client base, one that probably wouldn’t have visited me for permanent makeup

    Dry Tattooing Machines

    Tattoo machines for Dry Tattooing need to hit the skin hard and cleanly.  If you're unsure if you machine is suitable a simple test is to see if you can stop the needle when putting pressure on it and running at a medium speed.  Try on practice skin.  If you can stop the needle, your machine is not suitable 

      What you'll get from this training course

      One to one training with me, Lisa Henning at my Manchester training studio, where I’ll assess you before, during and at the end of your training

      If you’ve attended workshop, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Learning (theory and practice), and successful students of the training courses will be awarded a Diploma in Dry Tattooing – Improving Scars and Stretch Marks

      You’ll also get my course manual to take away with you and refer to

      During your training, I don't just teach you how to put a needle in the skin, I teach you what works best, what not so well, and how to have happy satisfied clients from day one

      Usually, with any newly learnt treatment, we as technicians have a few months experimenting on clients, experimenting how to explain the treatment, carry out the treatment, the aftercare and healing process

      During your training I'll already have explained much of the 'experimenting' information, so you'll have a good understanding of what to expect, and have my comprehensive training manual to refer to, plus as much phone, text and email support as you need

        “I understand the results process, what can be achieved, what doesn’t work so well, and most importantly, how to get the client on side with the results they’re hoping for.” – Lisa Henning



        • Health and safety rules and legislation
        • Council registration and licensing
        • Understanding insurance options
        • Blood borne pathogens (safe working with blood)
        • Understanding sterility and disinfection
        • Keeping and maintaining client records
        • Introducing needles and machines
        • Machine maintenance and needle safety
        • Start-up essential kit
        • Setting up and cleaning down work area
        • Practice using equipment on simulated skin
        • Confirming aseptic working and infection control
        • Anatomy and physiology
        • Understanding scars, burns and stretch marks, healing and development
        • Using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS)
        • Introducing skin needling


        • Types of skin needling machines and devices
        • Choosing which machine or device to use
        • How to use your digital tattooing machine


        • Ethical practice and decision making
        • The consultation process
        • Recommending a course of treatments


        • Advice on pricing treatments
        • Client modesty and ease of treatment
        • Legal and consent issues, record keeping
        • Photography: Practical tips
        • Client record, treatment and aftercare forms


        • Understand the results process and treatment timings
        • Scars and stretch marks, what works best, and what doesn’t respond so well
        • The difference between keloid and hypertrophic scars and what can be treated
        • Dealing with scars, practical and emotional tips for technician
        • Advice when treating self-injury scars
        • Treating skin prone to hyperpigmentation
        • When to combine with a derma roller (if trained)
        • Treating lines and wrinkles
        • Using numbing creams, working on large or painful areas
        • Which body areas are more uncomfortable to treat
        • Needle choice, depth and speed (up to 1.5mm)


        • Working on tight and hard scars
        • Working on thin tissue scars and over veins
        • What to expect during and immediately after treatment
        • Practice techniques on simulated skin
        • Experience a treatment yourself (carried out by Lisa Henning)
        • Practical training on live models


        • Post treatment considerations
        • RégimA Scar Repair and Laser Gel homecare
        • Dressings and importance of client committing to aftercare


        • Stretch mark prevention
        • Hyperpigmentation prevention
        • Scar prevention (fresh scar, not wound)
        • Scar treatment during first 6 months


        • Other scar and stretch mark treatments
        • Business, marketing and advertising advice


        Terms & Conditions

        To book a training course a student must pay a £500 non-refundable booking deposit, make full payment, or have a 0% interest free credit agreement (via DivideBuy) with us for the full payment.  If a deposit was paid, the balance payment is required 14 days prior to the booked training date, failure to do so will result in forfeiting the booking and deposit.

        If you change your mind and wish to cancel within 7 days, any monies due for a refund will be minus the appropriate booking deposit, and the cost of any services already provided, including training materials, machines ordered, fees incurred, and consultancy advice given at any time.  If payment has not been made for services already provided, an invoice will be issued requiring payment.

        The non-refundable booking deposit cannot be exchanged for store credit, though may be transferred to a different course or date. 

        Training cannot be transferred to another course or date less than 14 days before the booked date.  Training fees cannot be transferred to another person without permission from Beautiful Ink Ltd. There will be no refund if a course or workshop is not attended, or not completed, other than in the unlikely event training is cancelled by Beautiful Ink Ltd. 

        Trainee must have 100% attendance during the required times.

        Paying for and attending a training course or workshop does not guarantee a certificate of any kind.  Certificates are awarded for achievement and meeting our required standards of learning.  If our standards have not been met, additional training will be required at an additional cost.

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        Irina M.
        Canada Canada
        I recommend this product
        Great course!

        I highly recommend Lisa's dry tattooing course. This has been the most informative skin needling course that I have taken to date. Lisa is the real deal, she has so much experience to share! I can't wait to start applying all that I have learned and start getting better results for my clients!

        Marina B.
        Switzerland Switzerland
        very interesting

        good, I learned a lot and it was fun. look forward to the results can hardly wait to offer the service at home give some women a more self-confident life

        Victoria A.
        United Kingdom United Kingdom
        Fantastic Training

        After recently training with Lisa in Dry Tattooing and also Saline Removal I can honestly say I was really impressed with both courses. Great structure to the courses and very informative. Lisa is excellent at explaining in detail, and is very patient if you have a thousand questions like myself Not only were the courses exceptional, Lisa is a great person who I got along with very well. After the course Lisa is always on hand to answer any questions and give guidance. The manuals provided by Lisa are also fantastic as they contain the whole course content so there’s no need to worry about forgetting anything as the manuals are great for jogging your memory. Highly Recommend!

        Greece Greece

        I travelled from thessaloniki to manchester and it deserved!Lisa is an excellent teacher and she taught me the art of dry tattoo!very satisfied and also i trained in real models.I really enjoyed it and i am very happy for my decision because it s something with excellent results.I highly reommended.

        zoi D.
        Greece Greece

        I traveled all the way from Thessaloniki Greece...to Manchester just to participate to Lisa's dry tattooing seminar. Believe me it's worthy... I am very satisfied with her knowledge and with her ability to transmit them. Many supporting after the course... I am very happy for my new part of my job...very helpful to my clients

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