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Botched Ink saline tattoo removal solution and training. Made in Britain UK

Botched Ink® is the best solution for bad or unwanted microblading, permanent makeup PMU and eyebrow tattoo removal. Botched Ink® is an award winning saline tattoo removal product, exclusively available to our trained techs, with our training and the support we offer receiving 100s of 5* reviews

Botched Ink®, always improving, always evolving, in an industry that's struggling to, and removal is the fastest growing sector

Botched Ink® is unlike any other saline removal solution, we've redeveloped and improved the method, healing and aftercare; our success is down to our Ingredients

Botched Ink® solution is only available for sale to our trained technicians, it's not sold on other websites to unknown buyers.  For you as a technician, this means your investment is protected and so is the brand, with more than 800 officially trained technicians, we're the World's fastest growing team of correction and removal specialists

What better way to introduce you to Botched Ink® than by showing you an extract from our training course, see for yourself why Botched Ink® is the company leading the way

Experience as a technician

  • August 2012 - Permanent makeup training
  • April 2013 - Salt and saline training
  • June 2013 - MCA Microneeding training
  • Other removal courses in 2014, 2015 and 2018

From 2012 to 2018 Lisa worked as a full time technician, specialising in the above treatments. 

In 2015 Lisa completed her teacher training, Award in Education & Training, and began offering Dry Tattooing training, and later Saline Tattoo Removal and the Microblading to Machine® conversion course 

Experience as a saline tattoo removal (STR) trainer, and developing Botched Ink®:

  • March 2017 Lisa wrote STR course as a trainer and distributor for another brand
  • December 2017, Botched Ink® domains and trademark
  • January 2018, started offering own non-branded STR course
  • 2018 developing and testing Botched Ink®
  • January 2019, launched Botched Ink® in UK
  • November 2019, launched Botched Ink® worldwide
  • October 2020 split .com and websites
  • Holding stock ourselves around the world


  • May 2019 won the award for Industry Innovation at Micropigmentation UK
  • Worldwide .com website top of Google searches for STR
  • 150-200 people visit this website each day! 
  • Nearly 1000 official Botched Ink® technicians


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