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Travelling Trainer, Hosts & Training Assistants

Requirements: Available to experienced Botched Ink technicians who have passed our Specialist Tech Assessment (see lower down this page)

In an effort to maintain standards across all our training events, Botched Ink saline tattoo removal trainers are employed as travelling trainers so we can provide events in key locations around the UK. They're ably assisted by Hosts and Training Assistants, adding their very special value to an event!  

  • Travelling Trainer - We'll approach you! We are not looking for trainers to run their own training dates
  • Training Assistant - Recruiting now. No training experience required!
  • Host - Additional training required, and promoted from a Training Assistant

There is no upfront payment to work with us!

The Roles

Training Assistant: Consult, numb and allocate models. Check students are using the Botched Ink method, or advise trainer of any problems. Set up and clean down work areas. Any other duties to assist the trainer and help the day run smoothly - Ask us any questions!

Host: The Host is a very important part of our Botched Ink training days, they take the place of Lisa! Requirements: Knowledge of the cosmetic tattoo industry, hosting students in discussions about key industry topics, pricing and promoting Botched Ink treatments, and helping to create a culture of Botched Ink raving fans! 

As we expand our training offering around the World, we really know the value our confident and successful Botched Ink techs add to the training room. Over the years we've called upon several to assist us and students love hearing their views, this leaves trainers time to concentrate on training and a good day had by all! 


Once approved, Training Assistants and Hosts are on a day rate payment, we'll discuss this with you privately. As a guide, Hosts are paid more than Training Assistants, but not quite as much as Trainers

Don't just think of the day rate though, because that's just a payment for the class you attend. What about all the other potential students who see you promoting Botched Ink and attend one of our other training classes, dates or locations around the World!

You'll earn 10% on any student you refer, this could mean you'll earn more on dates you don't attend, and may end up earning more than a trainer!! 

Let's set you up with a Discount Code for all our Botched Ink training courses! Get in touch via @botchedink

Botched Ink saline tattoo microblading removal training

How do I start?

Job number one is to take our Correction & Removal Specialist assessment, it's in the next section on this page

Once you've passed, you can immediately apply to be a Training Assistant. You don't need any training experience for this role as there will be an official Botched Ink trainer in the room

Training Assistants who want to share their knowledge of the industry and the business side of promoting and offering Botched Ink, can take our additional Host training. Hosts must come to a training date in Stockport to watch how we host a class (some expenses paid), plus additional Zoom and recorded online training

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