Botched Ink Trainer Information

Updated 29th October 2020

Check which section applies to you, All trainers, UK trainers or Worldwide (non-UK) trainers

Our UK trainers have financially bought in to be Botched Ink Trainers, therefore the money they earn is different to that of our non-UK trainers who have not paid any money to be Botched Ink trainers.  The types of training UK trainers are able to offer is also different, read more in the Live In Person Training section below

All Trainers

Promoting Botched Ink Training

Affiliate Program:  Using your affiliate link, you can add a banner and links to your website and social media pages.  You can also recruit other affiliates and earn a referral commission on top of any business they refer.  Sign up to the Affiliate Program 

  • Trainer affiliate earns 15%
  • Referred affiliate earns 10%, you earn 5%

You'll earn commission on the course initially booked, this can be the online course, or the online plus Zoom course.  If a student books the online course and decides to add the Zoom course at a later date, you'll only be paid on the online part of the course

Who can you recruit as an affiliate:  Industry suppliers, influencers, training companies.  For example industry suppliers can pop a leaflet advertising Botched Ink in each order, and you'd both earn from any sales

Affiliate Marketing:  We will hold a Zoom workshop to share how to grow your affiliate business even more, with simple ideas and strategies

Social Media:  You can only use affiliate links on pages you own.  It is very important that affiliate links are not posted in any industry Facebook groups, this is not the type of content we want to promote

If you can add value with comments about Botched Ink in the industry Facebook groups, and if the person asks you for more information, you can direct them to your website where you promote Botched Ink.  You should have a banner and link with your affiliate code leading to the Botched Ink website.  This is a much warmer lead, as the person has had contact with you and wants to find out more

Botched Ink has done very well from the Facebook groups, we don't want to loose this with affiliates spamming links

UK Trainers Fee

Zoom is 1-2-1 training and lasts about 2 hours

    Zoom Class 
    • UK student £300
    • Worldwide student £200
    • Plus 15% of the course price for students referred via affiliate link
    Live In Person Training
    • Supplied student £300
    • Own student, booked by affiliate link £450

    Worldwide (non-UK) Trainers

    Zoom is 1-2-1 training and lasts about 2 hours

    Zoom Class
    • UK student - Not available
    • Worldwide student £200
    • Plus 15% of the course price for students referred via affiliate link

    Worldwide trainer fees are paid in trainers local currency, minus any charges we incur when making the payment.  See trainer agreement for full details

    Live In Person Training

    At this time we are not approving any Worldwide (non-UK) trainers to run their own Botched Ink in person training.  Due to the nature of live classes and the trainer wanting to book a good number of students, a trainer would want to advertise the class, meaning they wouldn't want another Botched Ink trainer set up too close to them

    In the UK our trainers have paid to secure we will not set up another trainer nearby, we have also met them several times in person, and sat in on one of their events.  This is not possible Worldwide, we need to make another plan, and with the current climate and the Zoom dates, we really want to see if Live dates are still wanted in any volume

    Botched Ink saline tattoo removal training

    Microblading to Machine®

    Conversion Course, plus Botched Ink®