Worcestershire (Droitwich) - Pam Andrews

Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal training Droitwich Worcester Lasting Beauty Pam Andrews


Botched Ink® training in Droitwich, Worcestershire, is run by Pam Andrews of Lasting Beauty

Pam's been in the cosmetic and medical tattooing industry since 2002 and is constantly learning new techniques as the industry progresses.   Pam works extensively across the whole of the UK in private and NHS clinics, working with top surgeons and breast care nurses in medical tattooing throughout the country.  Such procedures include: areola tattooing after breast surgery, scar camouflage using flesh tones, scalp pigmentation for areas of hair loss or full scalp.  

Pam's a fully qualified technician and trainer in medical and cosmetic micropigmentation, her experience has been sought out over the years, she’s worked with industry leading companies.  We're very proud that Pam has been onside with Botched Ink® since the early days, her views and experience are most appreciated.  Over the years Pam's used several non-laser removal solutions and methods, this makes her a great asset for Botched Ink® and the students trained by her

Training Venue: Lasting Beauty.  9a Victoria Square, Droitwich, Worcs, WR9 8DE


We are very proud to have this experienced technician and trainer teaching Botched Ink® saline tattoo removal workshop and courses