Saline Microblading & Permanent Makeup Removal Training

Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal

Here's a few of our most asked questions about Botched Ink® and our training

When or why might a client need tattoo removal ?

There's the unfortunate situation when a client is in obvious need of tattoo removal, with bad or unwanted microblading or permanent makeup; perhaps it's fresh work in need of emergency removal, a shape or color that wasn't planned or asked for.  These clients will be actively looking for removal technicians

Then there's the client who's not really aware they need removal, having had years upon years of top ups and now the colour really isn't staying well.  Perhaps they've faded a funky color or in a shape or style they no longer want or suit

They might hope that a top-up will fix this, or a bigger bolder brow would cover it, but the skin is so full of pigment, or the shape's out of any nice shape you'd like to give.  Chatting with these clients about a few sessions of color lifting, or color wash, terms a hairdresser might use to someone with a build up of hair dye.  These clients you will be converting to removal, but without calling it removal, as who wants their brows removed!

I'm certified in another removal product, do I need Botched Ink® training ?

Yes.  Botched Ink® is exclusively available to our trained removal specialists. Botched Ink® is a different kind of saline tattoo removal solution, with different ingredients, method, healing and aftercare.  Without brand specific training you cannot realistically obtain an informed consent from a client

I use Botched Ink®, can I be listed on the tech map ?

No, only officially trained Botched Ink® technicians are listed on our Tech Map.  No other trainers have been approved to use or recommend Botched Ink® on their saline tattoo removal training courses.  Please inform us if you feel a non-approved trainer has misled you

Can I use Hand tool method ?

Yes, Botched Ink® is suitable for hand tool and machine methods.  We focus on skin needling open the skin, hand tool technicians can use pointillism, and the product very quickly absorbs into the skin, penetrating deeper than the needle.  The results achieved are no different from machine method


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