There’s more than £5000 ($6000 USD) worth of Botched Ink® prizes to be won!!

Our competitions are running on @botchedink Instagram and @botchedink Facebook. There's one group of prizes, winners will be selected from entries over both platforms. See 'Competition Time' post for prizes, entry and rules

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The competitions close at 23:59 (UTC -5) on Sunday 15th January. Winners will be announced live, during our ‘The Expert Guide to Saline Tattoo Removal’ Zoom meeting on Monday 16th January

I wanted to share with you some key information about saline tattoo removal, and why I think that you becoming an officially trained Botched Ink® technician is well worth considering for your clients. With so much information out there, it's easy to get lost in the noise, I hope this Zoom meeting, and the accompanying PDF download, will be helpful and informative for you

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This is our UK training website, we also have We personally have stock of Botched Ink® in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Click the URL and you'll be transported right here on our Worldwide website 🧡

Botched Ink® Rescue
Emergency removal, bad, saturated, old or unwanted shapes
Botched Ink® Rescue See who we've trained
Long-term Maintenance of brows you love
Botched Ink® Revive
You wouldn't put fresh makeup on top of yesterdays!.
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