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Botched Ink Correction & Removal

Welcome to the Botched Ink client pages. You'll find lots of information about microblading and cosmetic tattoos, and we'll answer some of those questions like 'How long does microblading last?' and 'emergency tattoo removal' if you find yourself needing it!

We've 100s more results photos in our gallery, posted by our official technicians on their Instagram pages

emergency removal
fast removal of a microblading disaster

If you've just had an unwanted experience with microblading or a cosmetic tattoo, get in touch as soon as you've decided you need them fixing - We can help!

salt & saline
What is saline tattoo removal?

Saline removal is the most popular option amongst microblading and cosmetic tattooists for safely and effectively correcting and removing unwanted pigment from eyebrows and lip liner

Cosmetic tattooing
How long does microblading last?

You may not realise, but microblading is still a tattoo, and some tattoo pigments last longer than others. We can help fade and lighten all pigment colors

Lift, Improve & remove
What happens if microblading goes wrong?

Botched Ink can be relied on to help fix a multitude of brow problems, too dark, too deep, wrong color or wrong shape. We can then discuss creating new brows

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