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ONLINE TRAINING:  I'm defining online training as a pre-recorded presentation or video, with no additional live element or requirement to provide case studies before certification

Saline tattoo removal is generally considered the best known and safest type of removal for microblading and permanent makeup.  Since our launch in January 2019, Botched Ink® has quickly grown to become one of the most well known and regarded removal brands, almost 600 technicians have trained with us Worldwide, at least 250 of these are our UK technicians, and we've another 40+ UK techs waiting to complete their model class when Lockdown finally ends

For Botched Ink® training in the UK we have an online theory and demo presentation, then the model part of our training can be taken in person at one of our group training days, or we can approve experienced techs to take the model part of the class 1-2-1 via Zoom.  One of our Botched Ink trainers will support students live as they work on their first model, in the comfort of their own salon or clinic

In the UK other insurance approved saline tattoo removal training courses offer a similar in person training, or require case studies to be presented before certification

The thing with learning a treatment like saline tattoo removal, is that it's a new skill and an invasive one.  Even if you consider it nothing new because you're using the same hand tool or machine that you already use for microblading or permanent makeup, tattoo removal is a completely different treatment, you're using a removal solution for a start!, with a whole load more risks and understanding

For insurance purposes saline tattoo removal is considered a separate treatment, and this is hugely important.  This means, just like when you first learned microblading or permanent makeup, that insurance companies will be checking training certificates and wanting to be able to recognise your training provider.  Add to that, insurance companies will most likely reject fully online training courses for invasive treatments

In the UK, you would never have got insurance for a fully online microblading or permanent makeup course, and as I've said, saline tattoo removal is also an invasive treatment.  However insurance companies are more open to general beauty training being fully online as a result of Covid-19, like nails, lashes and spray tanning

Tattoo removal is not considered a beauty treatment, this narrows the number of insurance companies who will offer cover i.e most general beauty insurance companies will not cover tattoo removal, and those that do have other requirements, like existing microblading or permanent makeup training, and the length of experience as a working technician, and the fact that a live part of the training must happen, and Botched Ink® has been approved to offer this via Zoom as a 1-2-1 training while the student works on their first model

The number of UK technicians taking online only training for saline tattoo removal has grown immensely, and it's a problem as we know they won't be able to get treatment insurance.  Of course we now have such easy access to Worldwide trainers (via the many international Facebook groups), but realistically, these trainings are best viewed as a Masterclass, not as a training for a new skill

So what happens if you've already taken a fully online saline tattoo removal course ?

Unfortunately, unless you are able to book additional training, which includes the required live or in person part of the class, you will have wasted your money.  That's best case scenario, the other option is you start offering tattoo removal treatments without any insurance

With many removal brands requiring product specific training, or sight of a valid training certificate, the quality of the products available to you will be limited, or you just use salt and saline

At Botched Ink® we offer a conversion course for existing removal technicians, but again, your online only course again unfortunately won't be recognised as it didn't include the required in person or Zoom model class, or case studies. We can only recognise training which is insurance approved in the UK

Botched Ink® to the Rescue! 

We'll recognise your existing saline tattoo removal training certificate, purely as a discount towards our original Botched Ink® training.  With the growing number of technicians who've unwittingly found themselves in this position, we felt this was right thing to do.  We're in the best position to help, being the trainers and manufacturers of Botching Ink®, and being based in the UK ourselves

The discount we offer on your certificate is £200, and the certificate you upload must be for saline tattoo removal, no other types of removal.  There has not been the online only training problem with other types of removal and techs with other non-laser removal trainings are more likely to be accepted on our conversion course

Botched Ink® training includes our online theory and demo course, plus either the Zoom model class (with approval), or in person at our Stockport (near Manchester) venue.  There is an additional premium if you want to take the in person training at another of our other UK venues. Stockport is our head office

By using this £200 discount code, RESCUE ME, you are agreeing to:

  • Upload your online Saline Tattoo Removal training certificate
  • Apply to be approved for the Zoom model class (experienced techs) or
  • Agree to take the In Person model class in Stockport, or pay an addition premium to visit other training venues around the UK

If you upload other types of non-laser/non-saline removal training certificates, we reserve the right to reject the order, or require payment of the discounted amount before enrolling you on the course

Botched Ink® Training Course

This video is an extract from the online part of our Botched Ink® training course.  The training itself is a presentation of slides and videos, which you can move through at our own pace, this video is for promotional purposes

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