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Botched Ink saline tattoo removal training near me microblading permanent makeup correction

Learn from one of our Experienced Saline Tattoo Removal Trainers

Tricia Cumisky from Boss Brows Ltd in Bolton

Botched Ink® trainers are not only experienced trainers, they're also experienced in offering clients removal treatments.  This means not only can they show you the best way to carry out a treatment, they can also explain the best way to attract and convert clients that need removal, to start the process

Tricia explains that she gets lots of potential clients wanting her to work on them, but they have existing microblading or permanent makeup.  Tricia asks them to send her a photo of their existing brows, and books them in for a consultation and treatment.  When the client arrives and she can see the brows in their true state, she now knows how best to proceed  (Photo shows Tricia's Microblading and Combination brows)

Boss Brows Microblading combination brows permanent makeup Botched Ink training

Sometimes this means explaining to a client that if she does just work over the old pigment as it is, they'll look pretty bad again in just a few weeks.  Lifting some of the old colour out first is the best option, and better to start now than add more pigment and have more to remove in a few months

Tricia gives her clients a choice, "We can do them and have nice brows for a few weeks and wasted money, and then it's going to take longer to remove, or we can start removal now and save some time and money."  She leaves it up to her clients to decide if they want to waste their money, when removing some of the old pigment first really is their best option.  Tricia adds "If they don't know or are undecided, then I just send them home and tell them to message when ready".  Educating our clients really is satisfying, and with Tricia also being a colour correction specialist, those clients who do decide to proceed with adding more colour, will have that option fully explained before she commences treating

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Case Study

In Tricia's own words:

This client came to me last year wanting me to correct her previous work, but unfortunately we couldn't as her skin was so full of pigment with no room for anymore under the skin, I call this over saturated.

After a chat with this client I discovered that 3 different technicians had worked on these brows multiple times and none have been able to give this client what she was looking for

For me to be able to give this client what she deserves (Boss Brows of course) we had to start removal treatments using our amazing Botched Ink® solution to enable us to lift out some of that saturated, densely packed and solid blue pigment out of the skin to make room for new.

This transformation has taken approximately 5 sessions of pigment lifting over several months to enable us to make space in the skin.

Pigment lifting is a process and sometimes a long one before your skin is ready to accept new pigment, but if you hang in there and follow my advice, we will get you to the end goal of new work 

Sometimes a cover up is not possible due to undesirable colours, symmetry issues or having very saturated work.

Packing more colour into the skin in an attempt to "fix" the old work is pointless! It may look "ok" for a few weeks but once healed and settled then you will be back to square 1 with even more of a problem to fix and an added layer of pigment to remove so:

If you ask my opinion and I recommend "pigment lifting" before I can give you what you want to achieve and you choose not to take my advice.  I'm sure somebody out there who doesn't have a clue about what they are really doing will take your money and microblade or tattoo over them, but I can 100% promise that you are adding to the problem and not only have you just wasted more money it's also going to cost you more time and money to get them sorted by a professional

So as you can see we have

  • Before
  • After 5 sessions of Botched Ink® pigment lifting
  • During our colour correction session today
  • Completed colour correction
  • Boss brows

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal dark grey eyebrows fix correct microblading permanent makeup

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal dark grey eyebrows fix correct microblading permanent makeup

Botched Ink® Healing Process

In Tricia's own words:

I have lots of removal clients and I have lots who need it but some are still sitting on the fence unsure about it.  The most FAQ I get asked is "What do they look like while they are healing" and "Will I be left without eyebrows" 

Well the answer is - your eyebrows are probably going to look better while they are healing than they did before you came in, and getting you to a point where your have no eyebrows probably isn't necessary.

This is one of my clients healing dairy of her first week after Botched Ink® pigment lifting.

As you can see after 24 hours my clients eyebrows are a nice shade of brown rather than the blue/ grey brows that she came in with originally and her eyebrows remained this shade for almost a week before the top layer flaked away leaving her with a lighter shade than she had to begin with.

These eyebrows still have some healing to do beneath the skin but the visible healing is done at around 1 week for this client.

So as you can see the healing process of pigment lifting isn't anything to worry about and the fact your eyebrows will look better than they did for a week is a bonus on your journey to new brows.

Need help in the brow department?  You can contact Tricia here:  Boss Brows Ltd

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal before and after microblading permanent makeup fix correct

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal before and after microblading permanent makeup fix correct

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