Response to our Anonymous Feedback Request
A couple of weeks ago we asked our official Botched Ink techs to answer a few questions, anonymously.  This blogpost is their feedback and my response to it.  I'm Lisa Henning, the owner and developer of Botched Ink. 35 Responses to our Feedback Request.  Responses have been quoted verbatim with ” and “ or a new paragraph separating responses.  Words in brackets are words edited out
Online Training for Saline Tattoo Removal
For insurance purposes saline tattoo removal is considered a separate treatment, and this is hugely important.  This means, just like when you first learned microblading or permanent makeup, that insurance companies will be checking training certificates and wanting to be able to recognise your training provider.  Add to that, insurance companies will most likely reject fully online training courses for invasive treatments
Give your clients the brows they deserve
Not only did we manage to completely lift and remove all of the old pigment but also helped improve the scaring that she had been left with from the previous work. We finally managed to give her new brows recently and both my client and myself were over the moon with the finished results. Botched ink is an incredible product, but it is so important to manage your clients expectations
How can I work on existing microblading or permanent makeup?
When a new client approaches, many don't have fresh un-tattooed skin, you may need to consider taking on another technicians’ work, offering top-ups, colour corrections and removal. You’ll need to know a bit about colour theory when carrying
Botched Ink® Trainer Tips & Advice
Botched Ink® trainers are not only experienced trainers, they're also experienced in offering clients removal treatments.  This means not only can they show you the best way to carry out a treatment, they can also explain the best way to attract and convert clients that need removal, to start the process
Needle Depth for Tattoo Removal
Machine techs all work differently. I like to work with a long needle, my needle may be out 2-3mm and I work on the tip of the needle. It's a bit of a balancing act when you first start working with a long needle, but you'll be able to respond more instinctively to the depth you need to work at, as you start to read the skin and understand where the pigment needs to sit
Pigment Pots & Ring Holders

One sachet of Botched Ink® fills 2 medium sized pigment pots. One can be used for implanting the solution, the other for the soak; swap over as needed on the second brow. You’ll then have no needles hitting the bottom of the cup

I know many techs use the ring type pigment cup holders, especially hand tool techs. These are NOT suitable to hold Botched Ink® during treatments

Botched Ink® Celebrates our First Year

Botched Ink® Celebrates our First Year, and what a year it's been ! 13th January 2020 was officially one year since the launch of Botched Ink® and our first training date in London, UK. One year on: We’ve crossed the pond! Distributor HYVE Beauty in North America joined the family, We have over 220 trained technicians, literally around the world!  We have 8 trainers in the UK, with more coming on board in America and Canada